What a year 2020 has been, I managed to pass 3 AWS Certification Exams (AWS Certified Cloud Developer Associate, AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate and Professional (probably the hardest and most respectable).

I have been working on AWS, DevOps, Data and Analytics space since last 4+ years, so AWS was not new to me.(I did CSA earlier back in 2016 but that was long ago and things have been changed since then). But I was getting lot of questions why not go for next level certifications i.e. Professional. So finally I did it.

But my main idea regarding Certification is to validate my knowledge that I have gained from my experience and learning/sharing. “You have to be certified”- This is definitely the biggest myth. But it’s always great to validate all your knowledge and learning. Plus challenging yourself, enhancing your resume is always the bonus. It will help boost your confidence, to open different track in your career (may be) and most important helps you to explore the AWS ecosystem

I am planning to cover tips, tricks, resources that includes free, paid, AWS provided material, cheat sheets etc (basically the whole journey that one can follow) on the basis of certification exam level. This will not only help you to achieve the Certification but also the bigger goal to get AWS cloud services deep dive, best practices, and architecture insights.

I have already published my journey and path followed for AWS-CDA and AWS-CSA certificate exam. Also recently conducted a virtual session for cloud certification roadmap.

Keep learning and sharing!